Sunday, September 30, 2012

October starts tomorrow, and I'm not prepared.

I have been writing recently about a few reasons why I am having a no spend October (mostly, I have been hoarding groceries and I am obsessed with McDonalds Monopoly). I had every intention of making nice lists and making sure had diapers and wipes and such to last through the month. I also wanted to sort my stash of groceries into meals and make a month long menu.

Well, that hasn't happened yet.

My son was in a wedding this weekend. His father and I kept looking at eachother and smiling during the rehearsal and reception. The silent thougth was "It isn't our kid being horrible for once!" Don't get me wrong, Odin is a very happy and mostly well behaved child. But, holy crap does he have a wild streak.

It was particularly adorable watching him try to blow bubbles. He knows how, he was just too excited and was holding the wand up in the air instead of up to his lips while he was blowing. 

But, the real moral of this story is that, somewhere in the two days I wore dresses and didn't carry a purse I misplaced my wallet. Awesome. So, my plan to show stockpiled diapers and such will probably not work out exactly. And getting ready for this wedding meant that I didn't go through and make menus like I wanted to. 

Regardless, I am still going to stick with my no spend October. 

I will keep you posted. 

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