Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Confession: I love McDonald's Monopoly

Seriously, I love McDonald's Monopoly a little too much. I actually ate a hashbrown this morning (something I haven't done since I was pregnant 2 years ago) simply so I could get 2 more Monopoly pieces. Yesterday, I won a free medium fry with my morning Diet Coke, so I bought another medium Diet Coke with my free fry on the way home from school. 

Basically, what I'm saying is: I know it's stupid, but I love it. 

I wrote last week about how my plan for October is to not spend money. I'll get to a picture of my freezer later this week, but my obsession with McDonald's Monopoly is another reason I am going on a spending fast October 1st. Monopoly goes until October 22nd so cutting it off cold turkey next Monday is a much needed thing. 

Other food related confessions:
1) I hate whole wheat tortillas and am officially giving up on buying them. The spinach tortillas from Trader Joe's are pretty good, but I prefer the all white flour-crappy for  your digestive system white tortillas. This is only worth noting because I tried so long to like them and wasted so much money letting them go moldy. 

2) I don't like Greek yogurt. It is too sour. My doctor told me that it would replace just about anything I was missing from not eating meat, but I've never really put any effort into figuring out how to eat it because I was content not liking it. However, when I finally looked up the difference between regular and greek yogurt I have decided that I'm going to try and figure out how to add stuff to it so I like it. It's more expensive, and I have been trying to buy organic and ethically raised dairy products, but the nutritional benefits I think will be worth it. There will be a post about this soon. Just for the record, blueberries and honey do a pretty okay job of making it not too sour to deal with. 

3) I made crappy taco pizza Monday. The reason this is notable is that since I became a vegetarian I don't think I've tried one new recipe (or made one new thing) that I actually didn't like. I was very disappointed when I used salsa instead of tomato sauce that it just took all of the flavor out of the pizza. I used cheap Aldi's salsa, which I am not officially not a fan of anymore. I plan on making 25 lbs of tomato worth of roasted corn and tomato salsa sometime in the near future (it's almost winter, I should get on that if I want to use fresh local produce), so that might work better next time. I gave a pizza and a half to a friend last night because I couldn't make myself eat it. 

That's all for now. More to come on the reasons behind the no spend October and updates along the way are also in order.

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