Monday, June 4, 2012

Where I was 5 years ago

Maybe it's because my first class of seniors graduated and it made me think about my own high school graduation. Maybe it's because I'm getting ready to take a huge step in my adult life (moving into my own apartment, just me and the baby). Maybe it's because I'm trying some new things and every day realizing more and more who I want to be. 

I have been thinking a lot about where I was 5 years ago, and where five years ago I thought I would be today. 

Five years ago was 2007. I was 20, living in an apartment with a boy who I had been in love with for two years, going to college to be a teacher, and working at Starbucks (June 6th, 2007 was my first day. It's weird I remember that). 

If you would have asked 20 year old Teresa where I would be when I was 25 I would have said that I would be married to the boy I was dating (heck, until 2009 I still thought I was going to marry that boy) because I needed him. I would have said I would be teaching English at a huge public school in some nice suburb, I would be spending my weekends reading and swimming, I would be living in a small house in a nice neighborhood and working towards that American Dream. I honestly didn't think I ever wanted kids. 

I am so glad life has taken me to places I never expected. 

That boy and I are no longer together, but we are still friends. I am looking for someone to come home to but have realized that I want someone who wants me, not someone who needs me. I am teaching public speaking at a private catholic school and spend my Saturdays at speech and debate tournaments. I am just now moving into my first nice apartment, without a man or even a roommate, just me and my son. 

Life is unexpected, life is impermanent, and that is more often than not a great thing. 

Five years ago, did you think you would be where you are today? 

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  1. Wonderful post. My life has been completely unexpected too. Five years ago, I hoped to be working a job I loved doing good - counseling/social work - and traveling the world with my husband when I had vacation time. Now I'm a stay-at-home mom. I never saw that coming. Fifteen years ago, I never thought I would fall in love with an American and leave everything and everyone in Canada to come be with him, but I did.

    Love those Harry Potter icons!