Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Office Triage

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I officially start my masters program next Monday, but, because my professor is a little OCD like I am she opened the course a week early for us to learn how to use the online interface. This is the first time I am taking a class at this school, the first time I am using the Springboard LMS (Learning managment system, a.k.a. the first new piece of jargon I have learned), and the first time I have taken a masters class. So, I have a lot to learn when it comes to format. I'm exited, but I'm also realizing I have one huge problem:

I no longer have a place to do homework in my house. 

This freaked me out at first, but, after reading a post recently by Michael Hyatt about calendar triage, I realized it's time to conduct some serious priority reevaluation and come up with a new action plan. 

I thought about posting a picture of the explosion of what used to be the office corner of my basement, but I'm using the excuse that there isn't enough light to take a picture down there as the reason I don't want to show you the carnage. 

I graduated from college in August of 2010, so it's been two years since I needed to maintain a workspace at home. Since then I have had a baby, my mother has moved in with me, and I've been working hard to purge my life of all the unnecessary stuff.

Now, this has been a slow process, and one of the fights I have with my mother is over what to get rid of and what to hold on to. And, since my office space is directly at the bottom of the basement stairs it has become a dumping ground for things she won't let me get rid of. And, honestly, it became a dumping ground for me when I was student teaching and thought I needed to save every single paper that was put into my hands.

Now, two years later, I wish I hadn't done all of that. 

Yesterday, I was looking at my beautifully clean kitchen (it isn't usually like that, it just happened to be yesterday) and the battle field of my laptop, textbooks, planer, sticky notes, highlighters, and other scholarly weapons, and made a few decisions. Here was my logic:

1) I am moving before August.
2) I shouldn't waste the time cleaning out and then setting up a new office. I should just clean up the junk, sort and pack as a I go. I will set up an office when I find my new living space.
3) I need some stable sense of organization when it comes to keeping my school life organized. 
4) I am going to add to my collection of specific purpose bags (work bag, speech bag, occasional use mom purse) a mobile office/school bag so I can have all my stuff in one transportable bag.

A lot of this comes from the fact that I have never been good at doing homework at home anyway. I lived at Starbucks and the library when I was in college. I have become very comfortable with the local library because I didn't have a computer at home for a few months. Also, though the baby will not be in daycare for 5 weeks this summer (which happens to be the 5 weeks when I am taking two classes instead of just one) I have worked it out with my 18 year old sister that she will come watch him for a few hours a few times a week so I can get my homework done. 

So, I'm excited to build a new mobile office. I really like how Tiffany from the Nest Effect set up her mobile office. Actually, I am sure subconsciously this idea has been floating around in the back of my head since I read her post about this and I have just been looking for an opportunity to put it into practice. 

I'm excited. 

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  1. Sounds like your working through things! At least you have a plan!

    Much success with your masters- and your mobile off