Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekly Goal Setting

Note: My A to Z Post is below this one. I was quite inspired today and posted twice. 

There is a blog in my Google Reader where the writer sets 10 weekly goals (I can't remember which one; I'll let you know when I come across it again).That was fast. It's the Money Saving Mom of course.  I really like this idea and, though it's Tuesday, I wanted to try this for the rest of this week and then get started next Sunday for the following weeks. 

Family Goals
1. Learn the Buddhist Bedtime Prayer so I can start saying it to the baby. 

2. Spend 1/2 an hour every night with no TV, no music, just the baby and I sitting on the living room floor playing legos or reading books or doing something with focused US time. 

3. Remain peaceful and calm through the whirlwind that is large family gathering (A.K.A. Easter) .

Professional Goals

4. Finish The Fault in Our Stars summary and submit. 

5. Figure out a writing schedule.

6. Write an AWESOME lesson plan for my unit on visual design. I'm being observed the first day back and this was the unit that I wanted to be so much more than it was last semester. 

7. Go through "things" 3-5 on the 21st Centry Learning Commons 21 Essential Things professional development project. The first two chapters have been fairly awesome in terms of teaching me about amazing FREE 21st centry learning tools offered through INFOhio. I'm excited to keep going. 

8. Answer an Enotes question every day. 

Personal Goals
 9. Go run at least 45 minutes at least two more times this week.

10. Read 3 more chapters of The New Rules of Lifting for Women

I'll keep you posted on how this goes. 

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