Sunday, April 8, 2012

The week in review: Goals

On Tuesday decided that I wanted to try some published goal setting as a way to help me focus my life. 

This is how I did: 

Family Goals
1. Learn the Buddhist Bedtime Prayer so I can start saying it to the baby. I suck at memorizing things. This is going back on the list for next week so I can keep working on it. 

2. Spend 1/2 an hour every night with no TV, no music, just the baby and I sitting on the living room floor playing legos or reading books or doing something with focused US time. By putting this on my to-do list I realized how much time I don't spend with my son. I wrote the list Tuesday, and I had done this Monday which was what inspired me to put it on my list. Then I did it on Tuesday. But on Wednesday his dad picked him up from daycare and didn't bring him home until it was time for bed. I did sit and read him a book, even though he was ready for sleep, so we did spend some quality time together. Then Thursday we spent all day at the zoo, but again Friday he went to his dads until Saturday evening. We did have us time Saturday. This is not something I want to give up, and I want to continue to help this adapt and grow with our lives. 

3. Remain peaceful and calm through the whirlwind that is large family gathering (A.K.A. Easter) . I tried, I really tried. And it went okay; it went a lot better than it would have a year ago. 

Professional Goals
4. Finish The Fault in Our Stars summary and submit. Nope. I really hated this book, but I've done too much work to give up the easy $75 I can make for finishing this. 

5. Figure out a writing schedule. I'm proud of how this one worked out. I am excited about having a more focused work schedule. 

6. Write an AWESOME lesson plan for my unit on visual design. I'm about half way done. I am at an intellectual stopping point while I try and work out some of the details in my head before I can put them on paper. 

7. Go through "things" 3-5 on the 21st Centry Learning Commons 21 Essential Things professional development project. I didn't make time for this, but I'm okay with that. I will keep working on it. 

8. Answer an Enotes question every day. I think I did 5/7. Close. 

Personal Goals
9. Go run at least 45 minutes at least two more times this week. Yeah, I didn't get to this one either. I feel like the week just kinda got away from me. But pushing my heavy toddler around the hills at the zoo definitely gets me some points for an endurance workout. And if the gym was open today I would have totally been there. Next week. 

10. Read 3 more chapters of The New Rules of Lifting for Women. Again, I didn't get to this. 


So, what I've learned from this experience is that 10 goals are too many to pile on top of my already busy life. For next week I am going to try 5 goals and see how it goes. Note that some of the unfinished goals did not transfer. I am not 100% sure if I really want to do these things so I'm going to take my time and do some self-evaluation before holding myself to this again. 

Goals for next week: 
1) Actually memorize the Buddhist Bedtime Prayer for real. 

2) Do one "thing" of the 21 Essential Things and one chapter of The New Rules of Lifting for Women

3) Run for at-least 45 minutes for 2 days (I am starting a new job on Monday that involves playing soccer with preschoolers. That will count as one of my 3 total runs). 

4) Keep finding ways to spend 1/2 an hour of just me and baby time, no distractions, or at-least a few minutes of alone time when he is not at home for the evening. 

5) Scrub the crap out of my kitchen floor. This has needed it for a while now and I need to just buckle down and do it. 

Hopefully this week will go a little better. 

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  1. Hi...I'm hopping over from the A to Z challenge. Lovely post...good luck with the challenge.

    Donna L Martin