Sunday, April 8, 2012

This week in Review: The A to Z challenge

This week I began my A to Z Blog challenge. The goal is to write 6 days a week using the letters of the alphabet as a guide to your topic post for each day. My original plan was to write about starting a garden, but I've been feeling really unfocused recently so instead I changed my theme and am writing about 25 things that make me who I am. The goal is that these things will remind me what is important to me. 

Lets recap. 

So far I've been a little surprised with the comments. I am not used to having so many new visitors every day, and I wonder if the nature of the blog challenge visitors is changing the nature of the way people read and respond. 

First and foremost, people aren't answering the questions that I'm posting at the bottom of the posts inviting them to engage. That tells me that people 1) don't need the question to come up with something to say and/or 2) don't like my questions. So I'm not going to write them anymore. 

Also, I was a little surprised that people feel that being "from the internet" carries a negative connotation. There is nothing in my post that hints at the idea of a virtual social structure as inferior to a face-to-face social structure, so I guess that's just the stereotype showing it's face. And a lot of the people who seemed to feel this way were also the one's who don't seem to be as active in the culture of the internet as I am. I really feel that it is more of a stigma that others are afraid of rather than an authentic feeling that people experience once immersing themselves in internet culture. 

Well, Sunday was supposed to be my "break" from the challenge, but I'm used to posting just about every day anyway. So I'm not going to take a break =) I'm actually going to write a second post for the sake of bite-sized posts and for the sake of better SEO. 

I'm looking forward to my next week of the A to Z Challenge. I like this topic. It IS making me feel better. 

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