Monday, April 9, 2012

I [H]ave a career, not a job.

Okay, by now you all know the drill. 26 days, alphabetical, a bunch 'o things that make me feel like me. Ready, go: 

I [H]ave a career, not a job. 

My mom once told me that if you have a desk at work you wear pantyhose with a skirt rather than having naked legs. 

I [h]ave a desk, even though I don't have a classroom. Actually, I have half an office, which is more than a lot of the people in the English department can say because the "English" office is shared by 4 people and the speech office is just the two of us. 

So, I wear pantyhose. 

I also am called Ms.Potter rather than Teresa. This still super bugs me. Probably because I was called Teresa for my first three years of coaching because I wasn't a teacher yet. And my camp kids have always called me Teresa even though I'm in charge of stuff. 

But I also [h]ave a a piece of paper that says I'm supposed to be called Ms. Potter, and I paid $50K for said piece of paper, so I will learn to like it just long enough to earn being called Dr. Potter. 

For me, the difference between a job and a career is transferable skills. When you have just a job, if you lost that job no one would want to hire you specifically because you already have what it takes to work someplace new. When you have a career you already know how to do 95% of the things that are required to do that job, you just need to learn procedures and brand info. With a job you will start back at the bottom of the  totem pole at a new job, with a career you will get to keep your "years of experience" (in terms of prestige and payroll hopefully at least). With a job people may look at your resume and say "Okay, so I assume you can show up on time and can take direction", but with a career someone will say to you "What can your experience add to our company?". 

I have a career. I am very proud of this. 

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