Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I am no longer [I]mervious

Bones is absolutely postively one of my favorite shows. Besides a minor girl crush on
Michaela Conlin, there was also an episode that I saw during the beginnings of me being a vegetarian that renewed my commitment to not eat meat.

However, there was a quotation in one of the episodes I recenlty saw (not recently aired; I'm just now finishing up season 6 on Netflix) where Bones and Booth have the following conversation: 

Bones: I'm... quite strong.
Booth: Yeah, well, you've always been strong.
Bones: You know the difference between stength and imperviousness, right?
Booth: Well, not if you're going to get all scientific on me.
Bones : Well, a substance that is impervious to damage doesn't need to be strong.
Booth: Hmm.
Bones: When you and I met. I was an impervious substance. Now I'm a strong substance.
Booth: I think I know what you mean.
Bones time could come when you aren't angry any more and I'm strong enough to risk losing the last of my imperviosness. Maybe then we could try to be together.
Thank you IMDB for the quotation

This how I feel.

For a long time when I was stressed I would retreat into myself, closing myself off from the people who I needed to help me deal with my problems. For a few years after that I would lash out at those closest to me because I felt like if they would just do whatever it was that I wanted them to do then my life would be better.

Then I saw a counselor.
And then I took meditation classes.

And now I have coping skills.

I used to pretend I was more impervious then I actually was and would just hide inside myself. Now I am not afraid of fear and stress and sorrow and anger, because I am strong enough to get through them.


  1. I too love the show Bones and they dynamic between Booth and Bones :)
    Now...glad you sought help and it's okay to retreat within yourself at times because we gain energy but it's good that you have found a balance. Nice meeting you!

  2. That is such a great illustration of the dynamic between the two. Good for you!

  3. I never got into Bones and I feel I am missing something good. The promos always look good and I really like the leads.

    I am trying to read all the A to Z blogs, but coming back to the ones I really like.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do all month!

    The Other Side
    The Freedom of Nonbelief

  4. Oh I don't know, retreating within is sometimes my only safe place. :) Great post.