Friday, April 6, 2012

I am [F]rom the Internet

I have been writing about things that make me feel like myself, things that help remind me of what is important, in order to help me feel more focused. I am doing this by listing 25 things that "I am". 

Today's "I am" is that I am [F]rom the internet. 

This statement is slang.

Via Urban Dictionary
However, it is really hard to actually explain. The colloquial definition is that someone who is "from the internet" is someone who interacts in exclusively online social networks that do not have a real world equivalent.

Online dating does not mean you are from the internet. Using Facebook does not  really mean you are from the internet, though things "from the internet" are often passed around on Facebook. But interacting on sites like Reddit (do not visit if you don't know what it will ruin your life and sleep schedule. This is why I didn't link), knowing the meanings behind rage faces (this one is safe) without needing the desertions and commonly using acronyms like NSFW (safe) or TL:DR (safe) are marks of things that exist exclusively online. LOL Cats is another more common example.

This is an interesting anthropological phenomenon. I don't pretend to be a trained cultural expert, but it is very interesting to me that the internet has created an interconnected social culture that bridges time zones and war zones, continents and hemispheres but has a cohesive culture that is not replicated within those timezones and continents in real life.   

That all being said, I am from the internet. I have no idea how to explain what memes are or what it means to troll because they are part of internet culture, which is based more on multimedia presentations than simply words. I know what they are because I have been enculturated.

The norwal bacons at midnight. 

What cultural experiences have you had that can not be replicated in real life?


  1. My family thinks I am "from the internet." I've always argued against it. I'm not big into technology and while I can spend a lot of time reading blogs, I really don't do much else. I am going to have to point this definition out to them!!

  2. That's an awesome definition! ha.

    I'm a new follower from the AtoZ Challenge. Nice to meet you! :)

  3. oh no! i may be from the internet...i understood everything you were saying and didn't even have to click on the links..ugh!

    1. You say that like it is a bad thing. Why is this a bad thing?

  4. Hello Teresa,

    Great thought-provoking post, I think I just found my new favorite blog. Love the way you write!

    I discovered your site through the A to Z Challenge and am now a follower, but not in a stalker-ish way with binoculars and night vision goggles or anything like that ….

    Feel free to take a peek at my blog too if you have time. I write humor, and people tell me I’m funny (maybe it’s just the voices in my head, that’s what the doctor told me this last time when he upped my meds again).


  5. with friends moving constantly, the best way to keep in touch is the internet.

  6. My scorecard: I knew Reddit, NSFW, and LOL cats, but not rage faces, TL:DR, or "from the internet." I take that to mean I split my time well between reality and virtual reality.

    I am winning the game of balance!