Monday, April 2, 2012

I am [B]roke

Yesterday I wrote about how I am in need of some focus and inspiration in my life and how I planned to list 25 things that describe me to help me find said focus.

Today's "I am" is that I am Broke.

When I started 2011 I was on track to make a whopping $18,000. But then I lost my job in May, was unemployed for a few months and am currently underemployed. I finished lat year at $14,000. I am on track to make $24,000 this year but I am hoping to have a full time teaching job in the fall so hopefully that will go up.

All of this has taught me a lot, though.

  • It has taught me how to organize my money, and that it is possible to do a lot with a little.
  • It has taught me that there are a lot of ways to have fun, spend time with friends, and entertain a toddler that are free. It is easy to cook for friends, and the baby loves the park, and I made a few small investments to provide prolonged fun. I bought a zoo pass, I bought a cheap computer, I use the library a LOT, and I bought a gym membership.
  • It has taught me to budget and keep track of my money so that when I make more I won't just blow it all. It has also taught me that using a cash wallet system is a much better idea then just pretending I can keep track of my money in my head.
  • Finally, it has taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to. 
What have you learned so far in your personal fiance journey? 


  1. I feel you! I (we) are broke since I quit my job last summer. And we often look to find cheap forms of entertainment: zoo membership, library, beach. Works for me! Hope things look up for you soon!

  2. Hard lessons to learn...but well worth it! Good for you!!

  3. It is hard, but we have to be smart!
    I'm finding new ways to use what I have
    and plan indulgence, carefully~

    Nice to meet YOU!

  4. When we moved towns so my husband could go back to school, we struggled for a few years financially as I tried to find full time work. We found that hanging out with friends at home, instead of out somewhere was not only more enjoyable but much, much cheaper too! We had more picnics, day trips and hikes than ever before and spent much more quality time together. So while some times it sucked (car repairs for one!), there were lots of good things too!