Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I am [O]verwhelmed (Fixed)

I am (O)verwhelmed. 

This is an edited post because last night at 11:30 p.m. I realized I hadn't written for the day, tried to do it on my phone, was too tired to download the blogger app, and the mobile version of blogger...sucks. Which is okay, since they have an app. But I'm back this morning to fix it. 

I'm not overwhelmed with the A to Z challenge; I'm overwhelmed with my life. This is partially because I have so much going on right now and partially because I don't know where I'm going to be working, and therefore living in the fall. I already decided I'm moving, but I'm up for several jobs that are all about an hour from my house but in completely different directions. I need to not only know where I'm going to be working and what classes I'm going to be teaching but also where my son is going to go to daycare, if I'm going to be able to take grad classes in the fall, if I'm going to be coaching/starting a speech team (this would take my work week from 5 to 6 days a week), and so many other things. 

I am perfectly content to make all of these decisions, but not knowing where I am going to be working means that I can NOT start planning, which makes me feel extremely apprehensive. 

I found this article a while ago when all the crazy unknown was starting and I found it very helpful. Today, this is exactly what I needed. 

A guest post by LaRae Quy 
on Michael Hyatt: Intentional Leadership

1. Be Curious
Quy explains that curiosity about the unknown is a positive way to embrace it. Instead of being afraid of new things, if we are curious about them we can approach them with a more positive attitude. 

She says to:
"Turn: a change of focus, direction, and attitude.
Aside: pulling away from other things that have previously held our attention.
Look: embracing the new and different with the spirit of curiosity, not fear."

2. Take Small Steps
This directly relates to the reason I do Monthly Areas of Opportunity rather than having one huge news years resolution. The idea there is that you can't throw a bad habbit down the stairs: you must walk it down one step at a time. In facing the unknown, rather than fixing an existing problem, this principel take the form of approaching the future one SMALL step at a time. Specifically, I shouldn't start looking for apartments and daycare next to each of the places I might be in the fall, I should focus on getting those jobs first. Then I can worry about the rest. 

3. Learn Mastery
This strategy has three parts: cultivate strengths, uncover weaknesses, and prepare for the unknown. In terms of my situation, this means that I need to cultivate my strengths of planning to be super prepared for the second interview I have on Monday. I need to figure out what I'm wearing (because, honestly my suite is ugly and makes me feel less confidant, so I need to fix that problem). And then I need to prepare for the unknown in terms of some good, old fashion interview prep. From there I can cultivate my strengths of planning in terms of making a long term plan for the summer to get myself settled into a new living situation, look for the weaknesses in terms of what my new job will be so I can start preparing, and keep a positive attitude through all of this for when life throws me a curve ball. 

Yes, thinking through all of this was exactly what I needed today. 

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  1. Really glad you found what you needed/what was helpful!

    When the time is right and you end up where you desire to be- much success!