Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WWW Wednesday

I'm never writing another real post on Wednesday again thanks to Should Be Reading.  I love books too much to pass up a blatant opportunity to talk about literature. 

To play along, answer the questions below by either commenting below with your answers or post on your own site. If you post on your site feel free to send me the link; I would love to know what other book worms are up to. 

1) What are you currently reading? 
2) What did you recently finish reading?
3) What do you think you'll read next? 

What am I currently reading? 

This is a loaded question. As an english teacher I tend to be reading a billion things at once. Right now the thing I am reading the most diligently is Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.

This is officially my first vegetarian book, and I'm so glad I picked this one. Rather than offering another piece of veggie propaganda he truly explores what it means, both universally and culturally, to eat animals. 

What did I recently finish reading? 

I just finished The Fault in our Stars by John Green. I am a huge Green fan and I loved Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines, and Paper Towns in sitting on my book shelf waiting patiently. However, this was not one of his best books. If you are not a Green fan I would not suggest starting here. 

What do I think I'll read next? 

Oh man, this is a ridiculous question as well. I just ordered a few books last week and some of them came today, but I am still waiting for the one I really want. I already have Understanding by Design which is an educational psychology book about backwards design and essential questions.  The summarized introduction I received when I started at my new job has made a gigantic impact on my teaching philosophy and has very much changed the way I teach. Therefore, it is only a natural step that I look to the primary text to continue expanding my skills. I found the textbook for really cheap and bought the workbook for something like $11, but I am still waiting on the workbook to come in the mail. 

I also need to find myself a new audio book for the hour long drive to work, but right now I'm really enjoying just listening to music. 


1) What are you currently reading? 
2) What did you recently finish reading?
3) What do you think you'll read next?  

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