Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wrapping up one week and starting another

Sunday is a weird day for me. For the last 5 months it was my only day off work with my son. But, now that the speech season is over I have Saturday and Sunday off (though the baby is usually at his dads for part of Saturday). 

I completely revamped my own day planner system this week and today decided I wanted to try actually making a menu for the next week. I usually suck at following a weekly menu because 1) I'm only feeding myself and a baby so it's easy to go with my whims and 2) I am not always home for a regular dinner every night. But, I decided to use the extra space along the top edge of my now wonderfully huge space allocated to each day in my new planner to put down some general things. I also am trying hard to use some of the random stuff in my pantry (how did I end up with 4 cans of cream corn? I don't even really like cream corn) so it was easy to build this into my menu. 

As you can see, they aren't anything elaborate. But, I'm gonna try really hard to stick to these and hopefully I will be one step closer to cleaning out the massive mess that is my freezers and pantries. 

I'll let you know how it goes. 

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