Monday, March 19, 2012

The world's most difficult block sorter, or, adapting toys to be more developmentally appropriate

The world's most difficult block sorter. 

I call it this because the baby, who is a year and a half, obviously can't count to figure out how many sides the shape has to match it to the corresponding hole with that same number of sides. 

This would be different if the holes were color-coded, but they aren't. Therefore, this activity is simply impossible at at his age. 

Yes, he has another block sorter that IS color coded, which is more developmentally appropriate. But, in my frustration with this toy and in response to his love of the snap beads that are too easy for him now, I made him a new toy. 

This is obviously just snap beads in an egg carton. But he LOVES it. 
Snapping the beads together is something he likes but it isn't a challenge anymore, so this makes snapping them together and taking them apart just a part of the process of getting the carton open, putting the beads together, taking them apart, and then putting them all back in the holes and getting the carton to stay closed. 

It is easy to take toys that a child is growing out of and modify them in new ways to build on the skills they already have. 

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