Thursday, March 15, 2012

Start thinking ahead to summer fun memberships

It costs $10 for an adult to get into the zoo that is 20 minutes from my house. Therefore, for me, a friend, and my son to get into the zoo it would cost $20 (the baby is free). I just paid $61 for a membership that lets me, a guest and the baby into the zoo as many times as we want for the entire year. We can take in as much food as we would like, and since my son isn't old enough to ask for things out of the gift shop I could easily spend zero more dollars on the zoo this year. If we go three times the membership is paid for. 

We will make sure to go way more than three times. 

I've looked into a lot of other summer activity memberships so I can pay now (while I am working on my tax return budget) and use it all summer long. 

Think about things like
Pool memberships

Amusement park memberships
Zoos and Aquariums
Science Center
Gulf or tennis club

For me none of these are logical after the zoo. The baby is too small and his dad has a pool nextdoor that he has full access to. 

But, I do plan to utilize the parks and playgrounds in our city, the baby is already signed up for swim lessons (yes, toddler swim lessons. It's mostly splashing around but he loves it and its cheaper than paying to swim) and we have a nice fenced in backyard he can explore this year now that he is walking. 

What types of summer membership activities do you and your family plan to invest in? 

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