Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Vegetarian Weekend Away

This weekend I am going to the state tournament with my speech team. Actually, I wrote this post on Tuesday as I was getting ready for my first vegetarian trip with non-vegetarians. I'm a little nervous, mostly because there are usually almost no choices when it comes to the food available. It's usually sloppy joes or pizza. Yeah, I could eat cheese pizza, but that's really not healthy. 

So I called ahead, made sure the hotel has a fridge in the room, and packed some stuff so that no matter where we go to dinner (I can only eat so much plain garden salad) or what they have at the tournament I won't starve and I can still eat healthy. 

Carrots and cucumbers, cereal bars, trail mix, cheese and peanut butter crackers and chick pea salad. I'm super excited. 


  1. I know exactly how you feel! I hate going to tiny restaurants abroad, or out in the countryside, because usually they have about 2 veggie choices (either cheese or mushroom) or you have to ask what the choices are especially! Definately a good idea to bring your own veggie snacks, saves the awkward ' I can't eat anything here, I'm a vegetarian' statement!


  2. Hi Emma, Thanks for stopping in.

    Actually, the reason I knew I needed to do this is that so often at the big chain type restaurants (a.k.a. The only one's my high school kids will eat at when out of town) somehow manage to de-vegetarian-ize even the veggies (bacon in the green beans, rubbing baked potato with chicken grease, etc). I'm really glad I packed because not only did I have food I COULD eat I ate a lot more healthfully than everyone else on the trip.