Sunday, March 18, 2012

Menu Fail, regrouping for next week.

 Last week I wrote about how I was actually going to try menu planning for real. I made my pretty menus, got sick, ate noodles for two days, didn't feel like cooking the next day, and still have enchilada filling in my fridge.

However, this does not feel like a complete failure for a few reasons

1) Even making the menu for this week showed me how many extra groceries I have been buying. My list for this week is super short so is super exciting.

2) I learned that when cooking for one adult and a toddler it makes sense to plan on eating last night's left overs for lunch the next day. Cooking for one and a half is supper hard as it is, and by changing up the sides I think I can feel better about spending more time cooking and then good about eating the same thing again.

3) Keep sick food in the house. The one thing I can't get away from as a vegetarian is Ramin noodles. When my stomach is upset (which is about once a week) there is nothing more satisfying then warm liquid, noodles and nothing else. The problem is that there is only one kind of Ramin that I have found that doesn't have a meat bouillon: Cheddar Cheese. Well, it's not really healthy, but the cheese is fake enough that it doesn't make my intestines feel worse when they hurt anyway. They only come in the Instant Lunch cups, so that way I don't feel compelled to buy a billion and eat them every day because they simply take up too much space. I have always kept powdered Gatorade at home, so this this will be an addition to my sick food stock.

I'm really excited for this coming week. I'm cooking the Boca Burgers that have been in my fridge for 2 weeks, trying a corn casserole recipe to get rid of the 4 cans of creamed corn I somehow acquired, and am finally going to get to try the zucchini burger recipe I've been lusting after.

Hopefully this week will be more healthy than last so I can eat better.

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