Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Areas of Oppertunity

Okay, after a boring but productive January Area of Opportunity goal and a surprise life-changing goal for February, I have chosen two goals for March:
1) Actually go to the Yoga classes I joined my gym for. They are every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 a.m., the perfect time for me to go. I also got a free subscription to Yoga Journal magazine. My mom bought me a yoga mat for Valentines day, I got a Yoga DVD from the library, and I have just felt too uncomfortable to go to the classes. Therefore, I am just going to go for it the first of March. 

Edit: As of Monday, March 5th I have decided that in the name of finding my focus before I dedicate myself to something I'm unsure of I need to find my focus. Originally I had written that I was also going to follow a "21 days to a more disciplined life" plan, but I don't think this is the right time for that. 

Thanks for understanding.


  1. I admire you, I could definitely use more discipline in the mom AND exercise departments! Go Teresa go!

    Psst. I'm stopping in from 20SB where I noticed you're a newer member. Welcome!

  2. Hi Naomi, nice to meet you.

    We'll see how the goals go. I have been to the gym twice in the past two WEEKS because I haven't been feeling awesome, but then again, the monthly area's of opportunity has worked great for me the past two months. I'm hoping that by making it part of the one (or two) things I'm really focusing on for the months it will really happen.

    P.S. I popped over to your blog and I must say it is sites like yours that make want to blow my whole tax return on a nice camera =) Your pictures are beautiful.