Friday, March 16, 2012

Three days week of vegetarian cooking in two hours

No, I have not adventured into the realms of vegetarian freezer cooking yet but tonight I came home and was on a roll when it came to pre-making food for the weekend. Now I definitely have enough food to not have to cook (except breakfast) until Monday. 

This is what I made:

1) Two Cheater Pizzas

I topped them with Roma Tomatos and fresh Baby Bella Mushrooms. I usually add black olives to this combination but I didn't have any. Remember, these are the party sized pizzas that have about two servings each so this will feed the baby and I two meals. 

2) A single batch of Chick Pea Salad
I tried finely diced carrots instead of grated carrots and it worked well. This could be probably 4 or 5 pita pocket sandwiches but I will probably eat half of it straight out a bowl as a snack and the rest will be sandwiches or salad toppers. This is a super versatile recipe which is why I like it so much. 

3) Morningstar Farms Veggie Corn Dogs
No, I did not make these from scratch and yes I am planning on eating corn dogs. I'm still trying different types of meat substitutes and this one was pretty good. I was a little surprised that these are sweet, like cucumber and tomato sweet not like cake sweet. Definitely yummy. 4 in a box, one for dinner tonight and then three for me for later. I don't give the baby my fake meat products because they are expensive and he eats the real stuff. 

4) Biscuits to make egg and cheese biscuit sandwiches
For a little while at the end of the speech season I was really stressed and tired and hadn't had time to make breakfast burritos without sausage. I found myself going to McDonalds and getting an egg and cheese biscuit with a scrambled egg rather than that frozen folded...thing. It was decent, and bad for me, and almost $3.

 Last week I bought a tube of dough for big, not flaky biscuits, made a few eggs and pre-made a few sandwiches. They are great after just sticking them in the microwave and then putting them in my lunch box to eat in the care.

 Tonight I made 8 biscuits which we will pick at over the weekend in addition to me making a few sandwiches for next week. I get bored after too many days in a row of the same breakfast so I'll be mixing them in with cream cheese or pb&j bagels. 
I'm also thinking about making Nutella and Fruit waffles in the morning, but I don't know if I have any frozen waffles left. I'll figure that out in the morning. 

Nutella and fruit topped waffles

All in all I would say this was a very well spent 2 hours. Now I just need to clean the kitchen...

What are some of your favorite foods to pre-make? 

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