Saturday, March 24, 2012

Getting ready for the A to Z challenge

A long time ago when I started my monthly area of opportunity project I had already decided that I wanted to do the Blogging for A to Z April Challenge. The goal is to write 26 posts in April all themed sequentially around the letters of the alphabet. We get to take Sunday's off, click here to see the schedule, and there isn't necessary a theme requirement. But, since I do monthly themes anyway I decided my A to Z Challenge was going to be based on my research into starting a garden. I mean, usually April is still not gardening weather, right? 

Apparently not this year though. 

The tree in my front yard is already blooming, which is making me feel a little panicked. 

So, instead of waiting for April to start researching I'm starting a little early and am just going to schedule my posts ahead of time. 

I already researched an epic post about compost and fixing the sorry excuse for soil that we have. Be prepared for lots of info on soil amendments and compost prices and such. I'm excited. 

I also got an organic gardening book from the library, but it is a little overwhelming since I have never done this before. So today at Five Below I found The Gardeners Year by Jane Courtier which is divided into sections for each season of the year. I'm starting to read and write about the early spring section already today. 

How has this funky spring affected your life? 

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