Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Announcement: I got another job

I wrote a while ago about things I was doing to increase my income. One of the things I mentioned was some freelance writing work, which I am really excited about. It is really filling a gap in my professional life and helping me use all of the skills I have.

Well, in addition to the study guide website and personal finance blog I am working for, I also am now working for as the Akron Career Advice Examiner.

This is kind of a new writing style for me because it is more of a news style (third person, etc) rather than the blog style, but I have journalism training so it isn't foreign to me. I actually am enjoying the variety in my work. Also, they are looking for a local slant as opposed to the universality that I usually seek here. Again, I like the variety.

So, come check out my first article about free computer classes in Akron, and subscribe to my channel , and keep reading as I keep growing my writing portfolio.

Here is a snipit of the article: 

Free computer classes as the Akron Public Library
A lack of information technology skills and computer knowledge is an undeiable roadblock in today's workforce. Those who are unable to perform basic software operation and technology troublshooting find decreased job stability. Though professional development is also the job of an employer, it is extreamly important for professionals to take responsibility for their own learning.

According to CompTIA’s State of the IT skills gap study, after hardware improvements, U.S. businesses see an ability to use technology investments as a top priority in employees. This means that employees who are unable to utilize security-enhancing systems, data storage systems, networking programs and other technology tools will find that their value to a company will decrease.

Those who fail to maintain their technology skills will feel it in their paycheck.

Continue reading on Free computer classes at the Akron Pulic Library.

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  1. Congrats and good luck in moving on in your writing. There are still some opportunities online. I'm stopping by for the A-Z glad to have found you.
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