Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vegetarian Food Pyramid

I was very surprised when I went back to take a second look at vegetarian nutrition that there are so many not-so-credible sites out there. I have no idea why I was surprised; just because the topic is something healthy doesn't mean there isn't crap out there. 

So, after two weeks of officially eating no beef, poultry or pork (I have eaten a little fish) I decided it was time to start looking into being more intentional with my foods. 

The graph on the left is from the American Dietetics Association and was found on the Mayo Clinic website in the article: Vegetarian Diet: How to get the best nutrition.  Sounds pretty legitimate to me. 

Looking at this I'm not 100% confidant that I know what exactly fits into each category (what kinds of fats am I SUPPOSED to be eating?) but it's a start. 

So this, with my beautifully stocked and continually updated Pinterest (Mostly) Veggie Friendly Foods board  feel like a pretty good second step in the right direction. 

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