Sunday, February 26, 2012

Today's fun game: I have $22 to spend of groceries to last until Thursday

Okay, this isn't actually as bad as it sounds. Really, it is going to be a game today, not a trauma. 

I get paid on the 15th and the last day of the month. I use the cash wallet system and though I tend to fudge things a little bit it has given me a really good idea of where my money is going. Also, Odin eats two meals a day at school that I pay for in daycare not in groceries and I eat lunch at school every day for free. So, really I don't spend that much on groceries anyway since I'm just feeding the two of us. 

Also, when I got paid on the 15th and set up my envelopes and budget for this pay period I divided grocery money into week 1 and week 2, splitting it down the middle evenly, and then spent all of week 1 and half of week 2 during that first week. So today I don't really have much left at all.

But, I have a ton of groceries. Actually, the only thing I absolutely need is bananas. And I have all the ingredients to make the 3 things I committed to cooking this week. And I have a huge craving for broccoli slaw, which I don't have all the ingredients. My menu planning is on hold for right now until I can keep working on setting up a more regular routine, so I don't know exactly what we are going to eat this week but I know I have more than enough food. 

This all is telling me something very specific about my budgeting: It's time to adjust. 

It worked well splitting my gas money into 2 envelopes for the two weeks, but I don't actually full out grocery shop every week so I don't need two separate envelopes for grocery money. 

Budgeting is a continuous process of adjusting. In order for it to stay functional I need to stay flexible and this is the perfect example of how to continually tweak my plan to keep working towards something even better then my current plan.  

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