Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Planning for a mental health day

I realized today that I had a problem when I wrote on my daily to-do list "go to the gym before I die". 

I'm exhausted. Emotionally and stress-wise I'm okay, but holy crap am I just overwhelmed. 

So, I was thinking about taking a mental health day today and doing nothing but watching Bones and napping, but then I remembered that I have noting done for school tomorrow and haven't graded papers in 2 weeks and have no clean clothes for tomorrow. So, I decided that I'm going to give myself a mental health day to just do nothing...on Saturday. I only work for 2 hours on Saturday morning, which is unusual, so after that I am going to just relax. 

Maybe I'll write a more productive blog later today. I have the whole week planned out. Today was supposed to be "stuck between Hockey and Kairos, I mean, A rock and a hard place" about how I'm confused how to adjust my teaching methods when my kids ARE NEVER IN CLASS for school sponsored reasons. 

Maybe I'll just move that to tomorrow. 

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