Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I want a pressure cooker

I have been flipping through vegetarian cook books to get ready for my February Area of Opportunity. I found a cookbook that I really like, and that makes me wish I had more time to cook. Well, actually, it makes me want to buy a pressure cooker. 

Lorna Sass has so many wonderful sounding dishes and her book lists both the directions for cooking in a pressure cooker and for  cooking on a regular stove top. And the pressure cooker times are ridiculously shorter then the regular stove top times. For example, I once had a cup of french onion soup from a vegetarian restaurant in Cleveland (I can't remember the name, sorry) that was made with mushroom broth instead of beef broth; it was absolutely to die for. Sass has a recipe for mushroom broth that takes 15 minutes in the pressure cooker and 40-50 minutes on the stove top. 

I don't even really know what a pressure cooker is, but it is apparently time to find out.

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