Thursday, January 12, 2012

I love organizational technology: An introduction to Digital Hoarding

I'm changing my rediculous collections of tangible, paper and planstic and fabric nonsense. I haven't decided to give up my hording, but rather I've decided that I will change my "but I might need it some day" habbets into something more managible and useful: digital collections.

So, to go along with my monthly themes I will be posting in a "five on friday" fashion, link to thing that have helped me through that week. 

Remember, January is NO TV/MOVIES except in social situations. I haven't done awesome (slipped and watched two episodes of Bones no Sunday, but I was feeling crappy so I think that some physical rest was acceptable). Oh, and I'm going to tag them Digital Hoarding Month/Week/Year (So, January is Digital Hoarding: January, week 1,2012) There is no January/1/2012 so don't look =) I'm getting started a week late so this one is

Digital Hoarding: An introduction

The first digital hoarding post is meant to outline all the tools I've been using

I've been using this for about two weeks. It's annoying to use at work because when I find something I like I have to sign into delicious to save the link. But I like the fact that they give you a button to add to your bookmark bar when you consistently use the same computer (which, at work, I don't). It's a great way to organize just about anything you could ever imagine and you can subscribe to other people's "stacks" (groups of links) that you are also interested in.

A "digital pinboard", or a nice collection of everything you can put in pictures that you can beg, borrow, and steal from other pinterest users or add your own. The "upload pin" function is way slower than delicious and they don't have a mobile app. And it requires an "invite" to join, which I don't really understand and I couldn't find an explanation anywhere on the site. To me it seems like they are using this as a way to manage their servers as they grow, and, honestly, I have not a fan of restrictive business models. . Great social functions, not a great way to collect your own stuff. BUT, it's a great way to find new stuff.

Google Reader (No link, just blue for visual organization)
Okay, It is physically impossible to be logged into blogger but not logged into my google reader to create a link to the "create a Google reader =)" page. Therefore, if you have a Google e-mail you also have a Google reader. It's ridiculously easy use and it creates ONE feed of all your favorite blogs (or anything else that can have an RSS feed)

Never not have your files again. This is a free cloud storage site where you can create a folder on your home computer desktop, organize that folder, and then be able to access and edit it from any computer anywhere. 

Okay, I'm not going to link this one because that itself is a little too obvious. However, I would like to point out the fact that you can link ANYTHING to facebook...and they even make a nice pretty thumbnail for you. Link and share things on your facebook and your friends will start sharing the things they are reading too.

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