Thursday, December 22, 2011

Statement of Purpose

On Monday I went to a meeting with a the head of the graduate program in communication management at JCU. I was really excited because I had received a personal phone call from the office of graduate studies within an hour of requesting a meeting and then they agreed to meet with me over Christmas break. I forget sometimes that the whole world isn't like Gilmour, and that places like Kent State and Stow don't know or care who you are as an individual..Until I try and get something done and I am reminded that there are people out there (besides me) who care about their students.

Anyway...I went and met with this man and was completely disappointed. For about a year now I have been thinking that I wanted to do my graduate work in communications, and then I proceeded to make up my own definition of what a graduate program in communications actually is. Well, after this meeting I was reminded that communications is NOT a mix of research in the way people use computer mediated communication to learn. And, once this meeting remembered me of this I remembered that that IS what educational technology (or instructional technology at some schools) IS.

With renewed focus I learned that only the University of Akron and Cleveland State offer this program, and both offer it entirely online (Which, will be discussed in a different post about how I need a dual screen computer at home). I had written a statement of purpose for the JCU program so I have been thinking about why on earth I want to study Instructional Technology. I actually didn't need to write a new one to apply to Akron (Good old Akron U, I knew there was a reason we love you...mostly because you have rolling admissions unlike Clevleand State). But, being the neurotic person that I am, I'm a little confused as to why I can't figure out why I want to study ed tech. The problem is that my real reasons aren't really that professional.

Not-really-legitimate reasons why I want to study Ed. Tech
1) It gives me a second content area I can teach (always a bonus)
2) As my friend described it, the inconsistencies in the technology at school drive me insane. I would like to make sure my annoyance is legitimate
3) Maybe be able to affect some change on teh technology at school that makes me crazy.
4) Social Network and hacker movies are awesome (I don't want to be a hacker, but being able to solve computer problems and fill social needs is pretty exciting)
5) I hate it when people don't know how to use their computer and I want to teach them how to do better.

Okay, maybe that last one is legimitate. Yeah, I think I'll claim that one.

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