Friday, December 23, 2011

I don't know you and I already hate you OR Everyone has their own difficulties

Everyone has experienced this:

You are reading a friends status on facebook, decide you want to comment, click the status so you can see all the comments, and die a little inside because of something one of their friends said.

I have one friend who I never dislike the things he says, but the people who comment on his facebook are the biggest collection of tools I have ever experienced. (Side note: I almost never use the word tool because I feel like very few people truly fit into the category of people who are such a perfect combination of "unable to shut their mouth" and "blindingly ignorant" at the same time).

So, this friend of mine posted an article from Forbes discussing whether or not teachers are actually grossly underpaid as everyday conversation seems to suggest. It's an interesting article and actually touches on some of the issues that are not discussed in those everyday conversations. My friend posted the article with this to say about it:

He was defending teachers. Now, he is an outsider and, though he has an unusually high number of teacher friends, he still doesn't live within the socially complex system. Even with his outsider knowledge he is saying that something doesn't add up. (Which, is actually weird because that's not what the article says at all. I don't know if he read it, but the girl definitely didn't).

So, the first two comments under this are from the same person. I hate it when people take two posts, or two texts, or two e-mails to say something that could have fit into one; it shows they didn't take enough time to think through the first one. So...she proceedes to write:

What on earth are you talking about? 
1) In the state of Ohio you have 10 years to get your masters. That bumps you up the pay scale because you both have a masters as well as 10 years of teaching experience. If you got a masters right after your undergrad then that's your problem, not the systems. Going back to school is not a solution to being unemployable.
2) Teachers do make more than paralegals...what are you talking about?
3) Where on earth did you work that your starting salary was $31K?! In North East Ohio first year teachers with just an undergrad start at $38K in public schools and $35K in private school. You got screwed over.

But wait: it gets better:

This is the place where I would like to use the F-word. I will get into the differences between teaching at a private and public school another time, but I would like to say that teaching at a private school is NOT easier.

I'm trying to make 2 points here:
First and foremost, teachers should stick up for teachers at all times. In society we have come under fire in the past 20 years and parents have started ganging up on us as the reason for their students failures. In the past this might have been true, but the system had changed and higher accountability and better teacher education are creating better teachers than ever. But still, people write articles about how we are over paid and people blame us for their children's problems. Only a teacher truly understands what other teachers do, so teachers should NEVER say their job is superior to any other teachers.You have to stick up for our own kind.

Secondly, every job has its hardships. Every person in your office or school or factory can say that their job is particularly hard for one reason or another. The kid flipping the burgers all day has to deal with being covered in grease and the store manager has to deal with that kids inane excuses for why he calls off 10 minutes before he is supposed to work. The supervisor is responsible for all the people on his shift, and if someone is angry because their job is too hard it is his job to keep the factory running. And the preschool teacher who has to deal with accidents and kids eating crayons all day is no better or worse then the high school teacher who looks at students full of potential and watches them ruin their lives with drugs. And...the private school teacher is no better or worse than the public school teacher. Private schools are not free of the social problems that public schools have: we still have teacher and student and parent apathy, we still have drugs and violence, and we still have issues with parents.

Every job has its problems, every profession has its hardships. Don't ever think your job is harder than anyone else's.

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